Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting the Credit Cards Ready!

Dear Friends - the trip starts Thursday May 1st but today I lost the CREDIT CARD. So after an hour searching the golf bag and car I drove back to the golf course to check out the parking lot! O Yeah - I know what you are thinking but I didn't find the card. So both of us lose the Visa until hopefully the new one meets us at Bev's place in Park City. Another hour on the phone and we are set to travel with a BOA Debit card, AMEX card, and a Master card so we should be good to go!

Have to go pack! Ace


crack said...

I have a question? How come it's always, "A picture of Sienna, A picture of Ethan, A picture of Sienna, Hayden, and Ethan." There was a time, where Joe and I were the apples of your eye... Yes, the Apple of your eye. Now, I too see the tumbling tumbleweed.

See, I care. Also, interesting note here, we were just discussing whether blogs are legitimate forms of media. Not that you're trying to tell the news or anything, but look at me! Participating in the future.

Have fun on your trip, we grabbed the food [Melissa and Sienna stole a popsicle each!!!! Yep, I'm not above not telling on them 8^)]

Ohhh...one final idea on possible picture posts (other then yer grandchilds): Joe and I certainly do miss Historical Markers. Maybe you take a picture of where Jeb and his family were massacred by stampeding Buffalo (and if I was wise enough, I would be embedding Great White Buffalo by the Nuge! \,,/ \,,/ pure röck people) because the camped in the middle of their traditional stampeding grounds. This of course led to Buffalo Bill and the great train rides where you could slaughter Buffalo in the name of Jeb (and fur and money).

I gotta ta get back to work now.

PS: Are you driving through the painted desert? I certainly recall quite fondly the 24 hours of hell, listening to mom tell us about the 'pretty red sand' every 5minutes while Joe and I roasted in our underwear because we had no A/C. Ahhhh, the good ol' days.

crack said...

w00-h00. First poster!!! YES!