Saturday, May 3, 2008

Arches National Park

Headed out of Park City after stopping at Starbucks for ‘fuel’….and drove through Heber Valley (very beautiful), 5 golf courses that look fabulous, and then we headed through a canyon up to Daniel Summit, it was unbelievable this canyon. Something else. It is 40 miles long and ½ mile wide, so Narrow! Cattle grazing, canyons walls rising up on either side of the little road, ramshackle buildings falling into disrepair, but there was one ranch that looked good. Picturesque I might even say!

Finally began to see rock formations that I’m sure I saw in some movie … like Stagecoach with John Wayne….ok, we’re not quite to Monument Valley.

Got to Moab and Arches Nat’l Park. Whoa! The deep red / terracotta colored rocks, sometimes with large turquoise streaks, it was breath taking. We entered the park – you drive through it (takes about 40 minutes if you do not stop at all the places to stop)….and we headed to Devil’s Garden, which is at the far end of the park. From there we hiked 4.2 miles passing Landscape Arch, the Wall Arch, and on to Double O Arch. It was a great hike, quite warm, we had plenty of water, and silent as we hiked along. When we saw Wall Arch, it was such a surprise. I mean, it just appeared right next to you as you climbed up through 2 canyon walls, and BAM! It’s right there. You have to be so careful, watching where you are hiking, that you can miss some of the natural wonders that are silently seeping along the trail with you. Oooooh. I cannot imagine what the first white man thought when he saw this area.

Tomorrow we will hike 3 miles up to Delicate Arch. Landscape Arch and Delicate Arch are the 2 most photographed arches; you most likely have seen these 2 arches more than any other arches. And Dead Horse Point – 2 very beautiful view points. And then on to Bryce Canyon. Phew. Just makes me sweat to think of the hikes we’ll be on in the next few days. !!!

Ace Here – the place – Arches – is way cool!!! The colors and formations are out of this world. The 4 mile round trip hike was fairly difficult but we saw so many beautiful things!! Great trip and a great start. Note At the highest point on the park along the Double O Arch trail in the middle of nowheresville Utah I get a cell call from brother David reporting on the outcome (not pretty) of son Joe’s Rugby game in Denver. Thanks and praise to my Dave, Becky, Jordan, And Joe for making the trip. Much love to all!!! Ace

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