Sunday, May 4, 2008

Delicate Arch 2 Deadhorse

Another great day in Canyonlands!!! Bev, Buffe, & I hiked up to Delicate Arch 1st thing in the morning - about 9am. Its a beautiful hike - about 3 miles round trip. Lots of it over a giant slab of rock that climbs up about 400 feet. Delicate Arch is with Landscape the most famous in the park. We also did a 2 mile loop to see the Windows Arches and Turret Arch. We feasted on pork leftover from the dinner Bev fed us Friday night and a laof of Tuscan bread Buffe found in Moab. Then we drove off to the Shaffer Overlook in Canyonland National Park. It drops off about 6000 feet to the Colorado River. Its almost straight down. What an experience. Then off to the Green River Overlook. Similar but different. This overlooka a huge flat area with giant cuts into it by the Green River. The area is very large you overlook. What a wonder. Finally off to Deadhorse Overlook in Deadhorse State Park. Again about 4000 feet down looking direcly into the Colorado River. On one of the flatlands far below they filmed the final journey of Thelma and Louise.

We finished off with beers and Thai food in Moab then 60 miles to our $59 motel on Monticello.

We have had a lot of fun and look forward to some interesting country tomorrow.



crack said...

Wow- I typed up this whole big thing and then... I don't know. HAL9000 didn't like it and, well, lets just say it's all gone. While it was definitely not as large as the first post, and I could actually prolly remember a lot of it, I am... ok, ok, ok. Hold on--lemme try and remember it. So I don't need to try, but here we go...

Original post that was soon lost:
Wow! All that hiking has made me tired and the food sounds great. I see no one else has posted, so I shall post some more (and yes, this means I love you more than anyone else!!!) [note: that last bit is new... but, I gotz ta say, it's true]

Billy O and Jean are coming up this Saturday to help us paint Sienna's room. We would have loved to have you over, but of course you guys are travelling (well, that and with you two, it would mean less work for me! j/k--much <3).

[note 1: this is new as well, but I thought was a valid question]
Where is my picture of a historical marker? Seriously, a picture of the 'ruts left by Conestoga Wagons' would have been an EXCELLENT reminder of stuff we stopped for back in the day.

I gotta go--drive safe, love and whatever else!


Unknown said...

Hey Guys!

Looks like you're having tons of fun! I'm so jealous that you're on vacation. And just so you know. There has been major progress in the yard. Front AND Back. If you'd like photographic proof I can send it to you now, or you can wait and be surprised upon your return.


Willi (and Jon, Domino, and the girls, too)

Joe E said...

Leave it to Ace to think we all want to read a blow-by-blow of his trip. :-) :-)

So what are those roads thru Utah like - Hiway 24 and 12 for instance. I'll be on those in a couple of weeks - sans blog however.

Also, you said you'd be in Cheyenne on the 18th, give or take a day or two. Monday the 19th would be better for Beth if that works for you. I'll be in Utah as you know.