Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hello Friends and Family, we’re on the road, right at the top of Manastash Ridge, overlooking the Yakima Army area where Zac did all his Marine weekends. Yes, vast tracks of uninhabitable land….

On our last night in the cul de sac, the Hossmans threw us a Bon Voyage party. So what if it happened to coincide with Irma’s 60th birthday party….what a wonderful cul de sac, lots of good friends and neighbors. Except for “she who would be young” who claims she’ll be wiping drool from the rest of us when she turns 60….hrumpf!

We’ve left the clouds and rain behind us and it’s blue sky all the way to Pendleton! WOO HOO!! We’ve got a 1pm tee time at Wild Horse Mesa Golf Course and Casino.

Oh yes, we have received sweet words: the replacement credit cards are awaiting us at cousin Bev’s house in Park City.
Ciao for Niao.

Ace here inspired by the wonders of the Palouse and the voice of Gene Autry! As Gene heads for the “Last Round-up” we head for the Umatilla Bridge. Birds are flying high as we fly by Lost Locust exit. Old mines, plenty of Peterbilt's & Kenworth's, giant Wind mills making electricity. The plains are spots of green intermixed with the sagebrush covered plains. Gene is now “drifting with the tumbling tumbleweed” as I watch the dust devils rise. Well I could wax on but you get the idea! Till next we meet! Ace

Just got off the WildHorse course in Pendleton. Blue sky, 60 degrees, forward tees, Great time!!

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