Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday and then The Road!!

Friday May 23, 2008

Ace and I got up and played golf at the Airport Golf Club. The weather report was saying another blast of tornado like storm was coming in the afternoon. We were behind a slow foursome, and only finished 17 holes before the storm hit. The hail hurt as it pelted down on us. We were in a golf cart, so we raced back to the club house; dropped our clubs off at the car, and then into to the club house for a beer. We sat with 2 ladies we had played the back 9 with; had a nice conversation. As we were sitting there, the sirens began blowing all over Cheyenne, which meant another tornado was on its way, and then we heard on the news it had just touched down near the community college in town. They do have a basement / lower level to the club house, but there were several people out on the deck watching the path of the tornado / storm. We never did have to take ‘basement shelter’. There was a break in the hail, so we raced home, just making it as the rain and more hail began hurling itself at us and our brand new Volvo!! We got the car in Beth and Joe’s garage, slammed the garage door shut, and felt much better.

Later that night we went over to Dave and Becky’s for dinner, and then off to the Indiana Jones and the Lost Crystal Heads (or whatever it’s called). May not be the best of the series of Indie movies, but I sure liked it. Marion ( Karen Allen) is back in it!!! Yes!!!! As David put it, “well, we’re glad we could show you a good time, a little bit of excitement as well”…ha! Tornado excitement, they can keep it! We all laughed, made our ‘so long’s for now’, and headed home. Tomorrow: head home.

Saturday May 24, 2008

West to Laramie. Breakfast with Ann and Lee; visited, and then left for Saratoga where we will visit with Ace’s cousin Kathy and Doug Campbell. They own an historic hotel, Hotel Wolf. Hey! After 30 some odd years, it’s for sale, so if anyone is interested, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the Campbells. Our intention is to spend a few hours with Kathy and Doug and then head to Rock Springs where we will meet up with Donny Marincic, have dinner. Ace used to work at the Marincic Ranch (in Big Piney) for about 3 summers doing what cowboys do. ;)

Ace here! After a deliteful visit and breakfast with Ann & Lee we headed foe Saratoga via the Snowy Range hiway. Needless to say its about 10000 feet at the top so we had blowing snow and low visability foe a while. Snow 5 feet high on side of hiway. A We had a great visit with Doug and Kathy. She had some foot surgery the day before so was on some strong pain killers - not sure what Doug was on, just joking! Doug is incoming President of the Cowboy Joe club so expect a little pressure to join. If you are truly a Cowboy fan I don't see how you can say no!

Meeting old pal Donnie Marincic in a few minutes so so long.... Ace

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