Friday, May 9, 2008

The GRAND Canyon!!!!!!!

Friday May 9, 2008

Got ourselves lattes at the Mean Coffee Bean coffee shop in Springdale, UT. The town just out the south gate to Zion Nat’l Park.

Headed South-west on Hwy 9 and then turned South-east to drive through Colorado City. Yes. We just had to see a whole town of FLDS (Federated (?) Latter Day Saints), an off-shoot of the Mormon Church. They are a part of the Texas FLDS that has been in the news lately; they believe in polygamy. All the women had long dresses, bonnets, long’d see one woman doing yard work and another woman on the other side of the house watch the children. A the boys wore pale yellow long sleeved shirts and blue jeans, oh, and brown sturdy shoes. They all seemed to be blond….It was like being in another universe. We drove around town (it’s not a very big), I for one was glad to leave. Ace and Bev were thinking there might be a cafĂ© diner they could eat at….I did see a large shed called the bulk food annex. Curtains were drawn (perhaps for the heat of day?), glad I’m out of there.

We continued our way Southeast and rode along the Vermillion Cliffs (Nat’l Monument) – pretty amazing. We stopped at Marble Canyon for lunch, and also at this place there is a Interpretive Center about the Navajo Bridge. This bridge across the Grand Canyon opened up this part of the country in the 20” and 30’s. At this point the Grand Canyon is only a regular canyon and the bridge spanned about 800 feet. The original bridge is now a walkway and we walked out onto the bridge and looked down onto a green Colorado river – very refreshing looking. We saw 2 float boats coming down. Lee’s Ferry is about 6 miles upriver. Very famous crossing.

We are now about 100 miles from the Grand Canyon, travelling Southeast alongside the Echo Cliffs.

Thanks to Zac, we have stopped at 3 Historical Markers: we have learned how the town of Hurricane was formed and got water, about Spanish Padres trying to find a route through this territory and onto Monterey, CA., and another stop we’ve forgotten now what it was about….

Ace here. So the Grand Canyon is just that GRAND!!!!! We arrived about 2 pm and stopped at 7 overlooks. Each offers a different view into the Canyon. We took lots of pictures, panoramic and movies! I finally figured out the purpose of the trip – visit every Lodge in each Park. These Lodges have all been pretty special. Ususally built in the early 1900 – El Tovar 1902 – by a railroad for wealthy tourists. Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon have Lodges that go back that far. El Tovar was considered one of the great hotels of its time. Had steak, cowboy beans, etc. for dinner at a sawdust on the floor kind of place. Spent time talking with 4 Danes from Bornholm Island a place with 45000 people. We have chatted with very interesting people – 4 Dutch guys who rented Harley and are touring the southwest, a solitary Dutch women bicyclist, two older women from Germany, a father & son from the Netherlands, a guy and his girlfriend from the Netherlands. What a lot of people. We have named Bev the Ambassador since she starts most of these conversations.

So now our toilet is not working and need the tank replaced. I guess they will do it in 20 minutes or move us. We will see!!!

Bye for now from Ace!!!


crack said...

It's just plain awesome that I can make you guys 'stop' at historical markers! BTW mommy dearest, it does no good if you only send the picture to me! I want everyone (Joe especially) to be able to reminisce--and I murdered that spelling, but being it's a comment on a blog I don't care--about the historical marker.

Also, you confused me mom...I had no idea what the picture was that you sent me. As a matter of fact, due to the cyclone that hit in myanmar, I thought someone was sending me a plea for help. None-the-less, awesome that I have the historical marker.

I would also like to add--if you get a chance to see Ironman, you should do so. Very good.

Let me say one other thing, I have diabetes and stents in my heart, if you get captured by crazy religious nuts I will not be able to Rambo you out of there like I would have in years past. Weird--we have had two items that can be referenced to Rambo. The Rambo comment I just made and Myanmar, which I believe is the new name for Burma, which if you recall is where Rambo 4 took place.

Speaking of Rambo, they are having a one night showing of First Blood at Bella Bottega! AWESOME! I will definitely be going. And then, the box set! w00 h00! Can't wait.

Anyway, I am very glad you guys are having fun. I have a hard time believing that Bev is starting most of these conversations with strangers Mr., I mean dad. The 'Family Vacation' persona that you can portray is pretty heavy. Joe, Willi, can I get an Amen brother on that?

Much <3 can't wait until you get back... can't wait until you see Sienna's's sorta pink now...

crack said...

and by sorta pink, I mean it's really pink... no pictures though and no more about it... it will be a surprise, you know, when say someone gets a haircut and it's a mohawk...

Joe E said...

You know, this blog is rather interesting. Hope we can make the same type of trip soon.

My golf excursion as part of my meeting I can no longer do, so i'll leave here on Tuesday. Will see you on Sun/Mon!!

Beth and I listened to "books on tape" of Tony Hillerman the last time we drove thru the northern New Mexico country you're heading to. That was fun.

Howdy Zac, Melissa and Sienna.

Unknown said...

Amen, Zac!