Friday, May 2, 2008


Day 2 ~

Up and on the road a little after 7am. Had Greek yoghurt and Granola, and homemade Date Oat Scone (we brought). The coffee was unmentionable. Found a delightful coffee / bakery shop in Le Grande about 1.5 hrs from the Wild Horse Casino & Resort. Ahhh, now that got the morning off right! Ace couldn’t resist the lady’s homemade Black Forest Muffin, about the size of a large grapefruit. It was tasty, I had 2 small (small mind you) bites. ;)

Sun is shining, sky is blue, temp is hovering around 55 degrees. And we are heading East. We stopped in Baker City to find rooms for our August Adventure (drive back to a family reunion), but the whole town is booked up due to a Shriner’s Convention on the day we would stop there. Some of you might know there is an Oregon Trail Interpretive Center up on a hill / mountain at Baker City that is exceptional. You can still see the ruts in the ground where the Conestoga’s headed West. So we continue East in search of a motel for our trip in August….We are stopping in Ontario, Oregon to check it out. We need a swimming pool for the little ones, a weight room for the big ones. We have our rooms!! Ontario, Ore.

We passed through Idaho, climbing up, up, up, the mountains. Currently, we are about 4300 elevation – must be on some plateau that will stretch oh shoot, forever. At least til we get to Nebraska, eh Ace? Saw plenty of cows – little calves following their Mommys, and Mommy Cows following their little calves. There’s something so soothing and pleasant watching domesticated animals, like cows graze. Well, some people may think paint drying would be similar…however, they were so pretty – little baby brown dots, little baby black dots sprinkled across the fields that seemed to stretch back up to the foothills.

We’re in Utah now, dust being churned up as the farmers plow the fields getting ready for the planting of crops. Land sweeps away from us to the mountains on either side of the freeway. We are passing the Golden Spike National Park, where America was united East to West by the railroad. We will by-pass this site on this particular trip. ….. I’m beginning to feel like that guy (Thomas Lowell? Lowell Thomas?) who used to do travel logs that played in between movie features in the cinemas back in the 40’s and 50’s…(not that I saw any, I’ve just see a few on TNT….)…

Snow-capped Wasatch Mtns coming into view. Man! Look at that vista! Pretty little valley we’re coming down into – green fields, little ranch / farm houses, not sure what little hamlet this is, but I’m sure it’s got a name. I can’t imagine what it will be like to see the National Parks like Arches, Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, and Monument to name a few of the ones we’re going to see. It will be just grand I think.

We’re close to Ogden, so that means close to Salt Lake City, close to Park City.
We stopped at a hospital in SLC to see Ace’s cousin who is doing poorly. We’ll then head to Bev’s in Park City.
Tomorrow: Arches National Park!!
Ciao for Niao!

Well Dear People, Buffe did a nice job with this as I drove. Now comfortable in my cousin Bev's space and with a little Irish whiskey under my belt this is what you get from me. Take care of you friends & family, and your wireless!!! A dear friend has cancer and its touch and go what will happen! A cousin-in-law has too many ills to describe and who knows what will happen!!!! My son has Diabeticts and aorta blocks and well prognosis is good health who knows what will happen!!! sO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! As to wireless one of my cousin's neighbors has not secured their wireless network so I am 'borrowing'it! SECURE YOUR NETWORK!!! Love to all! Ace

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