Thursday, May 15, 2008

Later in the day Thursday May 15, 2008

Santa Fe is a charming town! We walked all around the Plaza area, into shops, into galleries, and of course we ate at the Shed. Known for its red chili sauce. It was a very good restaurant. The waiting line to get in gave rise to its being famous.

We dropped Bev off at the Hilton Hotel (where she will pick up the shuttle to Albuquerque, from there a flight home), we headed back to Angel Fire. We took a little road called the High Road to Taos (highway 76, runs right along the Sangre de Cristos Mts). We of course got lost. Our little paved road got smaller and smaller, and then turned to dirt. We knew we were no longer on Highway 76…, we were not. A nice man in a pickup truck told us to go back to Truchas and take a right on the paved road. Yeah, that’s right. There was only one paved road going right. We were so busy looking at the scenery, we missed that turn….

Ah yes. Now the 2 travelers are cruisin’ down the road. 

Gay is cookin’ Santa Fe Chili with rice and a pumpkin cake for dessert. Gotta go cuz it’s ready!!

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