Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life in the Pines!!!

That's what they say up here when stuff happens. Like this morning when we wake up to 2 inches of snow! Quite beautiful looking out thru the pines!We have been having a great time at Gay's. Yesterday Buffe and I mucked the stalls of her horses, Friday & Sport. Gay and her friend Glen are riders. They have a Living Quarters/Horse trailer they travel about in. Very nice. Sunday we go to Santa Fe with them to watch them compete in a Team sorting event where they have to sort specific cows from the hear and pen them. Buffe and I are quite excited (esp. since reports say it will be in the 80"s.

Today we take the lovely Bev to Santa Fe as we part ways after 13 deliteful days. We have had a Grand adventure and will miss her.

Well so long from Ace. Hope your days go well!!!!

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Unknown said...

Glad to hear all is going well and that the weather has cleared up some. Miss participating in the travels, but glad I can keep hearing through the blog.

Spoke to a friend a few minutes ago that rode that 100 mile dirt road at Island in the Sky over Mother's Day Weekend. Said she took a spinning class prior so her butt wouldn't hurt. If you recall they had a few bikers and 4 wheel drive cars going slowing on that road. She said it was scary...

Love ya both, Bev