Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday May 18, 2008

Golf at the Taos Country Club was great! Buffe shot an 88, Ace a 95. The course was in pretty good shape, the views fantastic. All the houses (not too many) around the course are built in adobe style. Some look to have either a studio or perhaps a grandmother cottage connected to the main adobe by an artistically covered walk-way. Very pretty.

Today we were going to Santa Fe with Gay and Glenn and their 2 horses, to watch them compete in a sorting event (sort specific cattle out from a small herd and get them to a pen, one person holds them until all the specified cattle are in the pen. They take turns with the ‘sorting’ and the ‘holding’). They must do this in 75 seconds. It should be quite a sight and we are sorry to miss it but we have decided to leave for Cheyenne today. We figure this road trip will take us about 8 hours.

We’re stopped at the Vietnam Memorial here in Angel Fire. I am sure all of you readers are familiar with all the hundreds of bikers converging on the Washington D.C. Vietnam Memorial on Memorial Day, yes? Well, they start in California, bike up here to Angel Fire to this memorial, and then head East, eventually arriving in Washington D.C. It is quite a sight to see 400 to 500 bikers with flags flying, riding around the streets of this tiny little resort town.

Boy the sun is hot! And it’s only 7:40am…I told Gay her summer had finally arrived.

The ride was quite beautiful through Eagle’s Nest and into Cimarron. We of course stopped at every historical marker, until we said, we have seen enough. I guess we’re now thinking we’re on the homeward bound part of the journey, having seen much of the same scenery before, we can skip these roadside markers. Ha!

Monday May 19, 2008

It is so good to see Ace’s family. We do so enjoy them. Ace will make Carne Adavado (large chunks of pork marinated in red chili sauce, slow baked..mmmm) for everyone tonight with the red chili powder we picked up in Santa Fe. Beth and I will get the black beans and rice ready, Ace will mix up Aguave Wine Margaritas (stuff from New Mexico), and Joe will make Ceviche to start the evening out. This should be good, and hot perhaps!

We’re off to Windsor, Colorado to visit Mom (Inez). We stopped in yesterday on the way to Cheyenne, but she was sleeping, so we tip-toed out. Today’s visit was pleasant. Mom could not finish or articulate any sentence, but she smiled every once in awhile, and watched with rapt attention whilst Buffe repaired her ‘summer handbag’. It has been fairly warm here, the clouds seem to keep the heat in and close to the ground. Blue skys, sunny, all in all, quite nice.

Tomorrow we’ll visit long time grade school friends of Ace’s that live here in town and have dinner together (after a game of golf with one of the friends). Steaks, salad, beer, good friends, what more could one ask for? (more exercise…)..

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