Friday, May 23, 2008


Thursday May 22, 2008

Update Friday May 23 @ 2:54pm. Left the golf course at hole 17 due to rain & hail. While hunkered down in the course bar the tornado alarms sounded. After a few beers and G&Ts we dashed for the safety of Joe & Beth. Needed to garage the Volvo out of the hail. We are all safe now.!!!

Ace left to visit Mom this morning, with a large bag of various sweaters and a couple of tops, but first stopped in at the Starbuck’s. Saw an old grade school / high school friend and they sat and chatted for over an hour. So Ace decided not to drive down to Windsor because he had to be back in an hour for lunch with Spud Murphy, and brother David. We were also to drive over to Laramie to spend the evening with Ann and Lee, Leif and Kelli. THEN: Tornados were all over the place and touching down!

Ace Here: As you may know Mom is at a Care Facility in Windsor, co. Yesterday a tornado hit Windsor and did quite a bit of damage. Happily Mom’s place was not hit and all is well there. The tornado passed close by and lots of damage elsewhere. I would have been there but I ran into a old friend at the Starbuck’s in Cheyenne as I was leaving and spent an hour then went back to Joe & Beth’s. There were a series of tornado’s that approached Cheyenne, a few touched down but little damage. Buffe and I spent the afternoon in the basement level of Joe & Beth’s – happily it’s the TV room. It was a strange day but we are all fine.

Tornado’s also hit Laramie with considerable damage. Ann & Lee, Leif & Kelli are all ok. Ann had to hunker down with 350 grade schoolers for 3 hours so she needed a drink when she got home.

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That's it! Buffe & I think we will hit the links!!!


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