Sunday, May 25, 2008

Twin Falls - At Last!!!!

Sunday May 25, 2008

After getting ourselves ‘fueled’ up (car and Starbuck’s), we headed to Kemmerer to visit Ace’s cousin’s husband who is very ill in the hospital there. It was good to visit. We stopped to have breakfast in the Busy B café, which only serves breakfast on Sundays. It was good old fashioned café food, you know, the kind no one is supposed to eat anymore. Velveeta cheese melted on the omelet – bacon in the omelet, hash browns, whole wheat toast with butter (?) on it. Like I said, ‘good food’…. When we get back home, we’re going to have to eat nothing but salad and grilled fish / chicken.

After lunch (breakfast) we drove over to the Kemmerer cemetery where we placed flowers on Ace’s grandparents’ graves (both the Evans’ and Dallezotte’s), on his Uncle George and Aunt Onnie Roletto’s graves, Uncle Ernest’s grave, and Anthony Koran (his Dad’s best friend, whom Ace was named for).

Then, Fossil Butte National Monument…and the Road to Nowhere. Hrumpf! >: (- Ace Here – I admit it I cjhoose the road as it looked like it went somewhere!!! I was wrong AND heard about it…..
Fossil Butte was fascinating, the Road to Nowhere was not. The very narrow muddy dirt road was almost washed out in one place, so that we squeaked by. Only to drive straight up to the railroad tracks, and a sign that read, No Trespassing. Hmmm. Of course the road did continue across the RR tracks, but then, there was that No Trespassing sign… after a few chosen words on my part, Ace turned around. We’re back on the highway.

The fossils at Fossil Butte are among the most perfectly preserved remains of ancient plant and animal life in the world! There are a couple of hikes one could take, but they also warn of ticks. When we were having dinner with Donny Marincic, he said he was bit by 3 ticks once on a wagon trail (he’s been on 3 different trail drives, 4000 miles on these wagon trains). Well, he got pretty sick and lost his hair due to ticks. So, for all you would-be hikers in the Rocky Mt area and Canyons – know what to do about ticks! They can be very dangerous to your health. (Ignorance is bliss, tain’t it?)

Taking a stop at Eden, Utah this afternoon. We wanted to check out the motel where we’ll be having the Evans – Little Reunion this summer. Oh yes, and we’ll pass by a Monastery on the way to Eden – may check that out too. Ace here at 2:53 pm. Route 39 to Eden is closed. Evidently 39 goes over a Mtn pass and is not open yet. Backtrack to Sage Junction then to Garden City on the Bear Lake and Logan. We are heading straight down a wild canyou into the Bear Lake. – Buffe is doing her best to imitate Danica Patrick. Safely down!!!!Gas 4:21 a gallon – lucky we don’t need it. O Yeah – forget Eden we will email them when we get home!

Ace (5/25 @ 2:57 pm

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