Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 10_Saturday_October 30, 2010

Cara had a lovely breakfast of grains, healthy cereal and fruit, but Ace raided the refrigerator and made us scrambled eggs and bacon.  George, Kathy, and us – we dug in. 
Cara and Kelsey headed off to have hair, nails, and make-up done for the big evening.  Ace and I took Spicy (the dog) for a walk, where we saw houses that ranged up to 6 million dollars, a really lovely neighborhood, lots or gates.  We got cleaned up and Ken took Kathy, George, Ace and I to the stockyards (historic district), the Railhead BBQ place (VERY good, but Ace’s sauce is still the best Buffe says), a “car” tour of TCU, past Kelsey’s house, the Colonial (Ben Hogan’s home course), and home again. 

We had “down” time, and then we got ready for the Debutant Ball, (Ken, Kellen, and Kaitlan had left for the Country Club before us).  We had glass of wine and some appetizers because we would not eat until 11pm.  Lunch was a long ways behind us …  dinner was a long ways ahead of us.

We 4 looked wonderful as we headed out the door, arriving to valets jumping to our every need the minute we drove up.  Open bar the whole night, we had just enough time to get ourselves a drink before being seated. 

Day 9_Friday_October 29, 2010

Came downstairs to coffee, mini-scones, cereal, fruit.  We headed to Hawks Creek Golf Course over by an Air Force base.  Lots of jets and helicopters flying and whirling around above us.  The sky was deep blue, the sun nice and warm, what a day!  It was perfect weather and Ace was hitting 225 yards off the tee – extremely far for him.  Either he’s turning his hips correctly or there’s something about the Texas air…
Cara and Kelsey went off to have the hair, nails, and make-up done for Friday night’s affair. 

Back at the house, Kathy and George (Ken’s sister and husband) had just arrived.  We showered up; Cara, Ken, and Kelsey got ready for the rehearsal and dinner before the Debutant Ball.  Kathy, George, Buffe, and Ace had drinks and then headed out to a Mi Casita, a Mexican restaurent Ken had told us about.  We were working our way toward its location but it involved many one way streets, not all of which we went down the right way.  And, it doesn’t help that Ace has a hard time knowing right from left…. The food was quite good, and margaritas were refreshing and tasty. 

Working our way back home, we had a few adventures, but needless to say, we arrived home safely……

Day 8_Thursday_October 28, 2010

We said our good-bye’s with promises of meeting at the next Evans / Little Reunion (Joe and Dave are coordinating), we drove into OKC.  Our first stop was the OKC Memorial (the Federal Bldg bombed in 1995).  It was very moving and there wasn’t a dry eye at the end of it.  There’s no place for acts of violence against innocent civilians no matter what the cause. 

We then walked over to the OKC Museum where the largest collection of Chihuly glass is housed.  Whoa, beautiful!  We also saw a collection of paintings from the Venetian era – Canelletto’s, etc. 

We were told the best BBQ joint down where we were was Lou’s, so off we walked to try some BBQ.  BBQ place was quite good, lots of atmosphere, obviously been there a long time.  Ace enjoyed the beef brisket and pork ribs, but not so much the balony and sausage.  Buffe had a good beef brisket sandwich, but claims Ace’s BBQ sauce is still the best. 

We headed out of town and down the road to Fort Worth.  We arrived a little after 6pm, Cara met us at the door of their beautiful, well let’s just say it, mansion!  Cara and Ken were perfect hostess and host – we had a GREAT TIME!!! 
Kelsey, the Debutant, is a beautiful young woman, in her 3rd year at TCU, was getting ready for a Halloween Party.  She was Roller-Blade Barbie, and definitely looked the part.  ;) 
Ken poured the wine as Kelsey was getting ready, and we were all talking a mile a minute (well, maybe it was just Cara and I talking a mile a minute..)….
Son Kellen gave me a warm embrace that touched my heart when we met – it made me feel so good!  We had not seen Kellen for several years, he was quite young.  Now in his last year of high school, he’s tall, handsome, and all grown up.  Next stop for Kellen: which college??

Talking continued over dinner and more wine.  Ace and Ken headed into the t.v. and the World Series; Cara and I continued talking (what else??)….

Bedtime for Bozos in Kellan’s room.  Ace really enjoyed the 4 separate jets in Kellen’s shower; Buffe enjoyed walking out onto his balcony overlooking half of Texas – a natural area with trails etc.  Gorgeous view!

Day 7_Wednesday_October 27, 2010

Phillipsburg, Kansas….small town in the heartland…we had purchased Fage (greek) Yoghurt at the grocery store along with 2 bananas for breakfast this morning, and then stopped at the CafĂ© for lattes, $8 for 2 lattes….they don’t drink them here in the heartland as near as I can figure.  They drink good ole black coffee!

We drove out of town on a small road down to Hays Kansas.  Hays is a big town compared to Phillipsburg.  We stopped at the original Boot Hill cemetery.  This town was founded in 1867, and Wild Bill Hickok was sheriff in 1869 for a brief period.  Custer and his wife Elizabeth lived here, and Buffalo Bill Cody and another gentleman founded Rome Kansas just a few miles away from Hays.  Cholera outbreak drove businesses out of Rome and down to newly founded Hays. 

From Hays we drove to Victoria Kansas, where the Cathedral of the Plains is located.  One of the 8 Wonders of Kansas; very pretty church; gorgeous stained glass windows. 

Then, the highway and OKC (Oklahoma City), where we will be spending the night with cousin Cheryl and husband Rob Burton.  We are looking forward to seeing them as they did not attend the Evans / Little Reunion this past summer in Utah. 

On this freeway we see oil wells and wind farms – lots of wind farms.  They stretch as far as the eye can see.  The view stopped only by the curve of the Earth.   No kidding!

Rob and Cheryl live about 20 minutes south of OKC.  It’s a lovely development, all the homes are built in red brick.  Beautiful!  And, the homes are quite large.
Ace was particularly grateful for Rob’s incredible choice of beers – the collection (various types and brands of beers) took up a whole refrigerator!!  (we have a great picture that we will post)….

After a fun dinner of Mexican food, wine and beer, we visited until bed time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 6_Tuesday_October 26

Woke up to 33 degrees, and a wind that cut to the bone with icy precision.  Stopped for lattes, gas, and then breakfast at the Diamond Horseshoe with Dave and Joe.  We headed out of town for Gothenburg, Nebraska.  We had a tee time there at 1pm.  The sun was brilliant, the sky blue, the wind: big, brash, bold, and cold, and still 33 dgrees.

We crossed into Central Time, and finally pulled up to Gothenburg.  Asked directions to the golf course and pulled up.  We were the only ones that day.  Ace got to play for free because it was within a week of his birthday, and the wind was blowing 45 mph, so he let me play for free too.  We started on the back 9, and really, we only played 9 holes; the wind was just toooooo much. 

Left the course,m stopped for gas and the only espresso place we'd seen since Cheyenne.  Ace talked to a Nebraskan Road Worked about roads, motels, etc. and we had our route.  We are staying in a very small town, Phillysburg, Kansas.  shoot!  Neither of us have been to Kansas.  Had dinner at the 3rd Street Bakery, just a dinner like place.  The people friendly, some fellow spent a lot of time talking to us about Kansas, he owns a bookstore, golf, golf courses, it was nice. 

Tomorrow, Oklahoma City.  Ciao!

Day 5_Monday_October 25

Ace and Joe went down Fort Collins Volvo (our trunk latch had broken).  Whilst the car was repaired, Ace and Joe went to visit Mom -- just across the freeway from Fort Collins.  I laid about in my pj's drinking capucino's from Dave's Mokka, and watching movies.  It was great.  But all good things have to come to an end, and I had to shower and get dressed.  Joe and Beth came by and we had lunch (Dave and Becky were at work).  Then Joe, Ace, and Buffe went down to Joe's old office where there were SEVERAL boxes of Mom's stored and we went through everything.  We had a huge pile for the Goodwill, 2 small boxes to keep.  I found the painting I had done of Mom and Spud's home up in Sheridan.  Looks good.  I took it. 

At 5:30, we met up with Mike and Rebecca Barrett, Carol Hanson DeLois, and Bill and Kit Richards for drinks and tapas at a cool place downtown Cheyenne.  Dave stopped by, had a couple of drinks with us before heading out to dinner with Becky.  As we sat there, the snow came down fast and furious.  It was so pretty!  It didn't really stick, but gathered on the lawns, cars, etc.  The moon was so big and round and bright.  but boy it was sure cold. 

then of course we had to watch Castle.  Good show. 

Day 4_Sunday_October 24

Took the back road to Windsor, Colorado after breakfast with Ann in Laramie.  Visited with Mom and then up to Cheyenne. 

We all had lunch at Dave & Becky's and then decided upon a movie!  RED.  We all laughed throughout the movie -- it was great.  Of course, we like Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John M was excellant.  Fun movie -- highly recommend it.

Back at the 'ranch', Becky put together a tasty meal of london broil, little boiled red potatoes with pesto, italian bread, tossed green salad.  wine, wine, wine.  Ooooo, and then we had Joe's homemade lemon merange pie.  (spell?).  mmmmm, good.  and the mirange was close to perfect.  you did good Joe!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 3 - Ace's Birthday continued

Tonight we are co-celebrating my sister Ann's and my Birthdays!  Nephew Jordan picked the Front Street Saloon as the starting point...seems I owed him drinks from the Bronco victory over the Seahawks earlier in the season!  We were joined by Jordan's girlfriend Sarah, Kelli, David & Becky, Joe & Beth, Buffe, Ann, & I.  28 drinks later I paid the tab and we headed to dinner. 
Dinner was at a fine Italian restaurent called ????.  The food was excellent, the wine was fine, and the company superb! With that the party ended and we all headed to our respective beds!
So tomorrow on to Cheyenne!

Day 3_Saturday_ACE’s BIRTHDAY!_October 23, 2010

Woke up / got out of bed / ran a comb across my head /….

Ah glorious morning waking up in Park City, Utah.  The hills were shimmering in their golden hues.  Just beautiful.  Fresh coffee in the coffee pot.  And the aspen trees!  Wonderfully displayed on the land, the last hints of chartreuse blending into gold; soon to drop altogether into simple bareness. 

The reservoir is a little low; hopefully the expected snow pack this winter will fill ‘er up.  There are golden aspens growing along the sandy shore of the reservoir; the hills around look like buckskin shaded with red clay (soil). 

The first winter storm supposed to hit Park City mid-day today.  Snow at the higher elevations. 

Buffe snoozed through the Red Desert…stopped at Little America for gas, headed onto Saratoga to visit Kathy and Doug Campbell, Jason and children.  Lovely visit!  Doug had recently shot grouse and served us up lightly breaded grouse (adult nuggets; Doug calls them grouse nuggets).  OMG, they were delicious!  Of course, the English Stilton and the Rioja just rounded out a lovely luncheon.  J  Man!  It was great!

We listened to the oldest grandchild talk about how gross it was to gut an antelope with Grandpa Doug and Dad Jason….she said it really smelled bad.  Of course we saw photos.  Be some great venison dinners in the future I’m a thinkin’.

Watched the WYO / BYU game, drank a little more Rioja, and then got on the road to Laramie and Ann and Lee Erickson (although Lee may be hunting)….We went over the Snowy Range Mts, got down to 32 and we took plenty of pics of snow-ladden trees, lakes, ponds, even where the snow was blowing across the highway.  Won’t be long before there’s more snow.  Yes, we’re on the other side, going down to Centennial, Wyo, and then Laramie. 

Today is Ace’s birthday, so there will be a b-day celebration tonight!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 2 - Pendleton to Park City

After a long drive, golf, a great dinner and drinks we were in bed at 8:30pm but up early. The moon was big, round, and beautiful at 6am this morning, hanging low in the October sky above Pendleton.  We drove to La Grande; got lattes at the Dutch Cup drive-through and then over to the Smokehouse for 2 eggs, toast, hashbrowns.  30 minutes later we were on the road heading East.  Destination: Park City, Utah.  Baker City coming up. 

Not too far from Ontario, Lookout Mtn: tan hills, sprinkled here and there with bushes turning a feathery wine-red colour.  Quite lovely.  And let’s not forget the sage green of the sage brush; it’s everywhere. 

Today we tried reading to each other from Kafka's The Trial!  Book Judgement reading Club! This is a mild form of torture.  We have driven Seattle to Cheyenne via this route many times so are looking forward to the Cheyenne-Fort Worth.........Seattle portion.

We took a short detour to run around the Mormon Temple in downtown SLC.  Took lots of pictures whis you can see on the slide show!

Finally arrived at Bev's.  Bev is recovering from having an ankle fused so we ordered Chinese Take-out...Delish!!

Tomorrow across the Red Desert of south west Wyoming...this is beautiful country and I always look forward to it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Road to Pendleton_Day 1_Thursday, Oct 21

7am we were on the way.  The sky blue, the sun yellow, the trees green....the fog...foggy!  Just past Snoqualmie Pass we hit fog.  For the 1st time we listened to a audio book! Riders of the Dawn by Louie Lamour>>> Just what we needed !!!
Exciting news!!! There is now a Starbucks in Enumclaw - just off the Hiway!!  Of course we stopped!
The drive was lovely, arriving at Wild Horse Casino (Pendleton area) at about 11:45am.  We headed to their lovely golf course and hit balls like we were pros!  ha ha ha ha ha.  We did have some great holes, and some not-so-great-holes...Ace shot a 91, Buffe a 93.  In our rooms at 4:31PM, blogging until we head out to the local watering hole and steak house.  (i think that's what we're doing..)....saw where our nephew Ryan Hayes met President Obama!!!!!  Whoa!  isn't that COOL?!?!?!!!  We think so.  :)

Til Later!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last day before the start of the Grand Fort Worth trip!

Well, we are in the final stages of packing for the Fort Worth, Tx trip!  This is 13 states, 21 days, and 5000 miles of Road Trip.  Will play goly in Oregon, Wyo., Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona and ??? Will visit over 20 relatives and 3 friends.  No telling how much music or audio books we will hear!  In any case we are looking to have a great time!
More later!