Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 10_Saturday_October 30, 2010

Cara had a lovely breakfast of grains, healthy cereal and fruit, but Ace raided the refrigerator and made us scrambled eggs and bacon.  George, Kathy, and us – we dug in. 
Cara and Kelsey headed off to have hair, nails, and make-up done for the big evening.  Ace and I took Spicy (the dog) for a walk, where we saw houses that ranged up to 6 million dollars, a really lovely neighborhood, lots or gates.  We got cleaned up and Ken took Kathy, George, Ace and I to the stockyards (historic district), the Railhead BBQ place (VERY good, but Ace’s sauce is still the best Buffe says), a “car” tour of TCU, past Kelsey’s house, the Colonial (Ben Hogan’s home course), and home again. 

We had “down” time, and then we got ready for the Debutant Ball, (Ken, Kellen, and Kaitlan had left for the Country Club before us).  We had glass of wine and some appetizers because we would not eat until 11pm.  Lunch was a long ways behind us …  dinner was a long ways ahead of us.

We 4 looked wonderful as we headed out the door, arriving to valets jumping to our every need the minute we drove up.  Open bar the whole night, we had just enough time to get ourselves a drink before being seated. 

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