Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 3_Saturday_ACE’s BIRTHDAY!_October 23, 2010

Woke up / got out of bed / ran a comb across my head /….

Ah glorious morning waking up in Park City, Utah.  The hills were shimmering in their golden hues.  Just beautiful.  Fresh coffee in the coffee pot.  And the aspen trees!  Wonderfully displayed on the land, the last hints of chartreuse blending into gold; soon to drop altogether into simple bareness. 

The reservoir is a little low; hopefully the expected snow pack this winter will fill ‘er up.  There are golden aspens growing along the sandy shore of the reservoir; the hills around look like buckskin shaded with red clay (soil). 

The first winter storm supposed to hit Park City mid-day today.  Snow at the higher elevations. 

Buffe snoozed through the Red Desert…stopped at Little America for gas, headed onto Saratoga to visit Kathy and Doug Campbell, Jason and children.  Lovely visit!  Doug had recently shot grouse and served us up lightly breaded grouse (adult nuggets; Doug calls them grouse nuggets).  OMG, they were delicious!  Of course, the English Stilton and the Rioja just rounded out a lovely luncheon.  J  Man!  It was great!

We listened to the oldest grandchild talk about how gross it was to gut an antelope with Grandpa Doug and Dad Jason….she said it really smelled bad.  Of course we saw photos.  Be some great venison dinners in the future I’m a thinkin’.

Watched the WYO / BYU game, drank a little more Rioja, and then got on the road to Laramie and Ann and Lee Erickson (although Lee may be hunting)….We went over the Snowy Range Mts, got down to 32 and we took plenty of pics of snow-ladden trees, lakes, ponds, even where the snow was blowing across the highway.  Won’t be long before there’s more snow.  Yes, we’re on the other side, going down to Centennial, Wyo, and then Laramie. 

Today is Ace’s birthday, so there will be a b-day celebration tonight!

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Glad you enjoyed beautiful Park City! We have snow now! If you have any pictures please post them when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook,