Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 5_Monday_October 25

Ace and Joe went down Fort Collins Volvo (our trunk latch had broken).  Whilst the car was repaired, Ace and Joe went to visit Mom -- just across the freeway from Fort Collins.  I laid about in my pj's drinking capucino's from Dave's Mokka, and watching movies.  It was great.  But all good things have to come to an end, and I had to shower and get dressed.  Joe and Beth came by and we had lunch (Dave and Becky were at work).  Then Joe, Ace, and Buffe went down to Joe's old office where there were SEVERAL boxes of Mom's stored and we went through everything.  We had a huge pile for the Goodwill, 2 small boxes to keep.  I found the painting I had done of Mom and Spud's home up in Sheridan.  Looks good.  I took it. 

At 5:30, we met up with Mike and Rebecca Barrett, Carol Hanson DeLois, and Bill and Kit Richards for drinks and tapas at a cool place downtown Cheyenne.  Dave stopped by, had a couple of drinks with us before heading out to dinner with Becky.  As we sat there, the snow came down fast and furious.  It was so pretty!  It didn't really stick, but gathered on the lawns, cars, etc.  The moon was so big and round and bright.  but boy it was sure cold. 

then of course we had to watch Castle.  Good show. 

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