Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 6_Tuesday_October 26

Woke up to 33 degrees, and a wind that cut to the bone with icy precision.  Stopped for lattes, gas, and then breakfast at the Diamond Horseshoe with Dave and Joe.  We headed out of town for Gothenburg, Nebraska.  We had a tee time there at 1pm.  The sun was brilliant, the sky blue, the wind: big, brash, bold, and cold, and still 33 dgrees.

We crossed into Central Time, and finally pulled up to Gothenburg.  Asked directions to the golf course and pulled up.  We were the only ones that day.  Ace got to play for free because it was within a week of his birthday, and the wind was blowing 45 mph, so he let me play for free too.  We started on the back 9, and really, we only played 9 holes; the wind was just toooooo much. 

Left the course,m stopped for gas and the only espresso place we'd seen since Cheyenne.  Ace talked to a Nebraskan Road Worked about roads, motels, etc. and we had our route.  We are staying in a very small town, Phillysburg, Kansas.  shoot!  Neither of us have been to Kansas.  Had dinner at the 3rd Street Bakery, just a dinner like place.  The people friendly, some fellow spent a lot of time talking to us about Kansas, he owns a bookstore, golf, golf courses, it was nice. 

Tomorrow, Oklahoma City.  Ciao!

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