Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 7_Wednesday_October 27, 2010

Phillipsburg, Kansas….small town in the heartland…we had purchased Fage (greek) Yoghurt at the grocery store along with 2 bananas for breakfast this morning, and then stopped at the Café for lattes, $8 for 2 lattes….they don’t drink them here in the heartland as near as I can figure.  They drink good ole black coffee!

We drove out of town on a small road down to Hays Kansas.  Hays is a big town compared to Phillipsburg.  We stopped at the original Boot Hill cemetery.  This town was founded in 1867, and Wild Bill Hickok was sheriff in 1869 for a brief period.  Custer and his wife Elizabeth lived here, and Buffalo Bill Cody and another gentleman founded Rome Kansas just a few miles away from Hays.  Cholera outbreak drove businesses out of Rome and down to newly founded Hays. 

From Hays we drove to Victoria Kansas, where the Cathedral of the Plains is located.  One of the 8 Wonders of Kansas; very pretty church; gorgeous stained glass windows. 

Then, the highway and OKC (Oklahoma City), where we will be spending the night with cousin Cheryl and husband Rob Burton.  We are looking forward to seeing them as they did not attend the Evans / Little Reunion this past summer in Utah. 

On this freeway we see oil wells and wind farms – lots of wind farms.  They stretch as far as the eye can see.  The view stopped only by the curve of the Earth.   No kidding!

Rob and Cheryl live about 20 minutes south of OKC.  It’s a lovely development, all the homes are built in red brick.  Beautiful!  And, the homes are quite large.
Ace was particularly grateful for Rob’s incredible choice of beers – the collection (various types and brands of beers) took up a whole refrigerator!!  (we have a great picture that we will post)….

After a fun dinner of Mexican food, wine and beer, we visited until bed time.

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