Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 8_Thursday_October 28, 2010

We said our good-bye’s with promises of meeting at the next Evans / Little Reunion (Joe and Dave are coordinating), we drove into OKC.  Our first stop was the OKC Memorial (the Federal Bldg bombed in 1995).  It was very moving and there wasn’t a dry eye at the end of it.  There’s no place for acts of violence against innocent civilians no matter what the cause. 

We then walked over to the OKC Museum where the largest collection of Chihuly glass is housed.  Whoa, beautiful!  We also saw a collection of paintings from the Venetian era – Canelletto’s, etc. 

We were told the best BBQ joint down where we were was Lou’s, so off we walked to try some BBQ.  BBQ place was quite good, lots of atmosphere, obviously been there a long time.  Ace enjoyed the beef brisket and pork ribs, but not so much the balony and sausage.  Buffe had a good beef brisket sandwich, but claims Ace’s BBQ sauce is still the best. 

We headed out of town and down the road to Fort Worth.  We arrived a little after 6pm, Cara met us at the door of their beautiful, well let’s just say it, mansion!  Cara and Ken were perfect hostess and host – we had a GREAT TIME!!! 
Kelsey, the Debutant, is a beautiful young woman, in her 3rd year at TCU, was getting ready for a Halloween Party.  She was Roller-Blade Barbie, and definitely looked the part.  ;) 
Ken poured the wine as Kelsey was getting ready, and we were all talking a mile a minute (well, maybe it was just Cara and I talking a mile a minute..)….
Son Kellen gave me a warm embrace that touched my heart when we met – it made me feel so good!  We had not seen Kellen for several years, he was quite young.  Now in his last year of high school, he’s tall, handsome, and all grown up.  Next stop for Kellen: which college??

Talking continued over dinner and more wine.  Ace and Ken headed into the t.v. and the World Series; Cara and I continued talking (what else??)….

Bedtime for Bozos in Kellan’s room.  Ace really enjoyed the 4 separate jets in Kellen’s shower; Buffe enjoyed walking out onto his balcony overlooking half of Texas – a natural area with trails etc.  Gorgeous view!

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