Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 9_Friday_October 29, 2010

Came downstairs to coffee, mini-scones, cereal, fruit.  We headed to Hawks Creek Golf Course over by an Air Force base.  Lots of jets and helicopters flying and whirling around above us.  The sky was deep blue, the sun nice and warm, what a day!  It was perfect weather and Ace was hitting 225 yards off the tee – extremely far for him.  Either he’s turning his hips correctly or there’s something about the Texas air…
Cara and Kelsey went off to have the hair, nails, and make-up done for Friday night’s affair. 

Back at the house, Kathy and George (Ken’s sister and husband) had just arrived.  We showered up; Cara, Ken, and Kelsey got ready for the rehearsal and dinner before the Debutant Ball.  Kathy, George, Buffe, and Ace had drinks and then headed out to a Mi Casita, a Mexican restaurent Ken had told us about.  We were working our way toward its location but it involved many one way streets, not all of which we went down the right way.  And, it doesn’t help that Ace has a hard time knowing right from left…. The food was quite good, and margaritas were refreshing and tasty. 

Working our way back home, we had a few adventures, but needless to say, we arrived home safely……

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