Thursday, October 21, 2010

Road to Pendleton_Day 1_Thursday, Oct 21

7am we were on the way.  The sky blue, the sun yellow, the trees green....the fog...foggy!  Just past Snoqualmie Pass we hit fog.  For the 1st time we listened to a audio book! Riders of the Dawn by Louie Lamour>>> Just what we needed !!!
Exciting news!!! There is now a Starbucks in Enumclaw - just off the Hiway!!  Of course we stopped!
The drive was lovely, arriving at Wild Horse Casino (Pendleton area) at about 11:45am.  We headed to their lovely golf course and hit balls like we were pros!  ha ha ha ha ha.  We did have some great holes, and some not-so-great-holes...Ace shot a 91, Buffe a 93.  In our rooms at 4:31PM, blogging until we head out to the local watering hole and steak house.  (i think that's what we're doing..)....saw where our nephew Ryan Hayes met President Obama!!!!!  Whoa!  isn't that COOL?!?!?!!!  We think so.  :)

Til Later!!

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