Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 10 Continued_October 30, 2010

The ladies were escorted to our seats -- I tell you, it was like being at a Paris Fashion Week!  The chairs all lined a "runway" (which the girls would walk on).  And then, in they came.  Each girl made a full bow, each had a beautiful bouquet, each girl was smiling and looked beautiful.  ESPECIALLY our girl: Kelsey!!!  She had a presence as she came onto the stage.  She paused every so slightly under the arbor, and then walked forward 2 or 3 steps and then made her bow.  It was perfect.  Her bouquet was the best I thought, of all the girls (I think there were 9).  Cara had added 3 antique broaches (spel?) in Kelsey's bouquet that sparkled and looked wonderful.  (Cara has the 'touch'!)...

After all the girls were introduced and walked past us (up and down), there was a Father / Daughter dance.  Like a waltz.  Then:  to the bar and dancing!!

The band was spectacular.  They played about 2.5 hrs straight.  4 women singers one male singer and each song faded into the next.  It was high energy and way fun!  My favorite song was "Footloose".  ooohweee!

Finally the late night breakfast was served.  I believe everyone was starving; it was 11pm.  Good food.  They served grits in martini glasses (friends, Ace and I are going to do this at our next party -- it looked so cool, and it was tasty).  You could add several items to the grits.  YUM!

After more dancing and drinking and talking, we headed home.  Ken and Cara stayed til later. 
It was a huge sucess!

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