Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 16_Friday_November 5, 2010

Found a Starbucks, then tried a few places buy fresh Hatch roasted peppers.  They had been frozen for transportation.  We’ve been keeping them on ice the whole way!  We’ll have to cook ‘em up right away when we get home. 
Drove through some desolate country, skirting the Painted Desert, and finally turned south along the Colorado River and into Lake Havasu City and Bill and Jeanne O’Banion.  Jeanne (aka “Kiowa Kai”) was sick, on antibiotics; however that didn’t stop her from having a drink with us by way of being friendly.  Ha ha ah aha !  As we were unloading the car, who should drive up but Brad!  We all visited for an hour or two, then Brad headed home, and we headed out for dinner, leaving Jeanne to take a little nap / rest.  It was good we were only staying one night because Jeanne really needed to have some rest and quiet. 

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