Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 17_Saturday_November 6, 2010

Found a Starbuck’s, got some gas and headed north on some more desolate country.  I mean desolate (not knowing what the ‘morrow would bring)….we headed to the Hoover Dam and the new bridge over it.  WOW!  What a feat of construction!  Hoover Dam is one of the seven engineering feats of America as picked by American Civil Engineers.  We are certain the bridge would be the eighth. 

We then headed northwest to Las Vegas.  We had planned to park at Caesar’s Palace and walk through the Forum Shops to Bellagio Hotel, however, fate intervened.  Ace wiped his phone clean.  We had to find an Apple Store and get it restored.  Hey!  There’s one in the Forum Shops!  We drove down Las Vegas Blvd, taking pictures through the windshield like a couple of country bumpkins, finally turning into the parking at Caesar’s Palace.  Ace stayed in the Apple Store restoring his phone and some apps (we hauled our laptop along with us), whilst I looked around at the shops nearby.  After an hour and a half in the store, Ace was ready to get out of Dodge, er I mean Las Vegas.  He’d been wanting to eat at an In and Out Burger joint, so we gps’d it and found one heading out of LV. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting…..moon-scape is what we passed through on our way to (eventually) Tonapah, Nevada where we would stay the night.  The further we got on down the road, the more desolate it became.  Hwy 93 north out of Las Vegas, Ace had planned on spending the night in Goldfield, Nevada, (it’s a ghost town we discovered), we did see however, signs to various bordellos.  Hm, Nevada hasn’t progressed very far once off the main roads I’d say…..anyhow, we pulled into the Best Western in Tonapah, (not much bigger than Goldfield) but it had 3 actively operating motels in town.  It was quite nice I must say.  A surprise for one travelling around on the moon. 

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