Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 19_Monday_November 8, 2010

Uncle Frank fixed up some linguisa, Ace made scrambled eggs and toast—breakfast was good.  We’re on the road now, headed north.  We’re not sure how far we’ll get, but somewhere in Oregon we think. 

Yes, up old I 5 freeway.  Haven't been on I 5 for 3 years or so.  Everything is green, the air is sweet, a little cool in the morniing, warm and enveloping mid-morning - afternoon.  Evenings pretty.  None of the passes had snow, the roads were dry. 

We stopped at Liquor Expo, a dot on the freeway and got several bottles of liquor.  We did save money on most everything, not so much on the tequilla, not sure why...

We stopped in Creswell, Oregon, about 7 miles south of Eugene.  Comfort Inn, it's new, really nice.  We took a hot tub and then back in our room, we poured ourselves a glass of Laphroaig, ordered pizza and salad, and ate.  (hm, we've not been eating very well on this trip...)....

Tomorrow: home.  :)

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